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Welcome to Nacton & Bucklesham Under 5s Preschool.

Originally established in Levington by local mothers the playgroup relocated to Nacton Village Hall in 1977 and adopted the name Nacton & Bucklesham Under 5's. 

Set in the heart of Nacton Village, Nacton & Bucklesham Under 5s is a beautiful rural early years provision. We offer early years education & play experiences that nurture the soul as children discover their "feeling of me' & make sense of the world around them. Our play environment, rich in authentic & natural resources,  empowers children to follow their curiosities, fostering resilience, self confidence & a love for learning beyond the classroom.


We have a team who are dedicated to providing attuned care & learning opportunities respecting each child as unique. We offer a responsive curriculum that starts with the child in the context of their lives & one which embraces a child led approach. Daily rhythms offer a sense of predictability as the children free flow between our indoor & outdoor play spaces. Learning at NBU5s is a whole bodied, whole hearted journey where together we co-construct your child's developmental story.

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for looking after our children.  You have created a wonderful place for them to develop and learn.  We are so grateful to your team of staff, who always give the parents and our children a warm and friendly welcome every day!"

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